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is the Answer!

Separate your business and personal communications on one device — get a business number and make your small business look BIG with GoDaddy BusinessPhone.

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About GoDaddy

  • Keep your mobile phone number for personal use and get a second line for business calls
  • Separate your business texts, voicemail, and phone calls from your personal texts, voicemail, and calls
  • Get a new BusinessPhone number or transfer an existing number for free.
  • Greet your customers professionally on every call when you enable the BusinessPhone welcome greeting
  • Get a distinctive ringtone for incoming business call
  • Use the afterhours mode to take a message and enable "emergency" access to you at your mobile number or any other phone number
  • Call and text anywhere in the US and Canada
BusinessPhone Number

Separate Your Business Calls From Your Personal Calls

Buying a smart phone was a really smart decision. Now you can make your smart phone even smarter with the BusinessPhone mobile app. It installs in seconds and offers two distinct calling experiences; one for your personal calls and one for your business calls. Receive and return your personal calls from your personal number. Receive and return your business calls from your business number. All on one phone. With the BusinessPhone App, it's that simple. BusinessPhone lets you choose a phone number from your town or you can select one from any place in the country. Plus, we allow you to port an existing mobile number to BusinessPhone for free. It's your choice.

Make Your
Mobile Business Calling Experience More Professional

Maintaining a professional image is essential for every business. This is particularly true for home based and smaller businesses. If you work in a small business you have to compete harder and your smart phone is your lifeline to the outside world. It allows you to work anywhere, be accessible at any time and never miss a customer's call. With the BusinessPhone App you'll always have a professional, business identity on your existing smart phone. It's a smarter way to do business.

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BusinessPhone 100

Per month for 3 months*
  • 100 Minutes
  • or
  • 200 Text Messages
† Text counts as ½ minute

BusinessPhone Unlimited

Per month for 3 months*
  • UNLIMITED Calling & Text

*Pricing is based on a 3 month initial promotional period.

Get a Second Line For Your Smartphone Today

So what are you waiting for?

Get a second line for your smartphone today with the BusinessPhone mobile app.

*Our voice services require existing telephone service. Our services are not a replacement for telephone access and cannot be used for emergency dialing.

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